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KissAPet Soft Finger Toothbrush


With the comfort and safety of our best companions in mind, KissAPet Soft Finger Toothbrush was designed to bring convenience and ease to routine dental maintenance for our pets.

By fitting a brush over your finger, brushing your pet’s teeth becomes so much easier! Simply add your pet toothpaste (sold separately) to the brush, and brush their teeth using a small circular motion – no rinsing necessary.

Before you know it, daily brushing will become a quick and easy routine, resulting in healthy teeth and gums for your pet throughout their life.

Product Specifications:

Features: This small toothbrush sits directly on your finger, giving you complete control. Made out of liquid silicone – safe and environmentally friendly. Tear resistant, flexible, and resistant to high temperatures. One side is a small soft brush strip; it’s very soft, and gives your pet clean teeth while gently messaging their gums. Reduces tarter and plaque. Works for both cats and dogs!

Material: Liquid silicone
Size: 5cm x 2.5cm (2″ x 1″)
Brush Size: 2cm (0.8″)
Package Includes:
1x KissAPet Soft Finger Toothbrush

Soft Finger Dog Toothbrush Pic 2
Soft Finger Pet Toothbrush Pic 5
Soft Finger Pet Toothbrush Pic 6


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