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How to Give a Dog a Bath

How to Give A Dog A Bath

How to Give a Dog a Bath Every dog has its own unique, special personality, and if you have a dog (or dogs!), then you know how true that can be. Therefore how to give a dog a bath the best way is going to depend on the personality of your fur-baby. Some dogs are […]

25 Hilarious Photos of Cats Sleeping on Dogs

Cats Sleeping on Dogs - Pic 11

Cats Sleeping on Dogs As a cat, there isn’t anything more important than finding the perfect cozy and comfortable spot for a nap. Most times, they look so comfortable in their little corner of the room or on the couch, but other times they have to improvise. When it comes to napping, a cat and […]

8 Myths About Pets and Winter

Winter Dog Banner

Common Myths About Pets and Winter Ah, the perils of winter: snow, slush, sleet, ice, frigid temperatures, and rock-salt laden highways and byways. The human variety can bundle up, slather on some lip balm, protect exposed skin, and venture out into nature’s cold bounty well-prepared. Protecting our feline and canine family members is our responsibility, […]