How to Give a Dog a Bath

Every dog has its own unique, special personality, and if you have a dog (or dogs!), then you know how true that can be. Therefore how to give a dog a bath the best way is going to depend on the personality of your fur-baby.

Some dogs are picky eaters. Some will eat anything in front of their noses.

Some dogs like to laze around all day. Some won’t leave you alone until you’ve taken them for their fourth walk of the day.

Some dogs get along with just about anybody, whether animal or human. Some dogs can’t trust anyone unless they’ve been living with them for years and years.

One of the factors of dog personality that has the potential to make or break your day is how your dog feels about baths. Are you in for a whining, crying, flailing mess? Are you going to feel like a thug as you practically hold your dog down in the water? Or will you have to towel off yourself (and the rest of the bathroom) when your dog can’t contain its excitement and treats the bathtub like a splash park?

We know it can be stressful when your pooch is due for a spa treatment, so here’s a guide on how to bathe your dog:

How to Give A Dog A Bath

Before the Bath

Before even introducing your dog to the water, you should take some steps. First, make sure you brush your dog’s fur, especially if it’s a long-haired breath. This will remove mats and tangles which tend to hold water and may lead to skin irritation if not addressed. This is also a good time to remove any foreign critters like fleas or ticks if you find them. If there are any sticky substances that are stuck to the fur, you can soak them in oil for 24 hours, or if all else fails, cut the patch of fur off.

The Key Moment

Yes, there is a bit of special technique when it comes to how to wash a dog.

First of all, make sure to use lukewarm water. A dog’s skin is sensitive and can burn easily, and large breeds can overheat in hot water. Likewise, use specialized dog shampoo, as shampoo meant for humans can dry out their sensitive skin. Begin by scrubbing as thoroughly as you can, taking special care around areas like the ears and eyes. You’ll know right away if your dog isn’t open to getting its head wet, so adjust accordingly. When you get to rinsing, make sure you’re thorough about removing all of the soap and grime.

Talk to your pet reassuringly throughout the process. Your calm demeanor can help to keep them calm and prevent any messes or accidents.

Bathing A Dog

Post Bath

When it comes to how to give a dog a bath, the hard part is over with! As far as drying goes, air drying is your best bet. If there’s a ton of moisture, then you can use a towel, but make sure you pick one that is soft and avoid rubbing the dog too heavily as this can tangle the hair.

Most importantly, reward your dog for putting up with the torture! Give them a good petting, praise, or some treats to let them know they did a good job. This can make your job easier in the future as well.

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