“Owl Love You” Necklace

$20.00 $4.95

The beautifully crafted “Owl Love You” Necklace is made with cubic zirconia diamonds, and comes with a long link chain. It’s the perfect gift to show that you give a hoot!

Choose from a wide variety of color and metal combinations to go with any outfit.

Style 1 (gold/blue/blue)Style 2 (silver/blue/orange)Style 3 (gold/blue/white)Style 4 (gold/blue/orange)Style 5 (silver/blue/blue)Style 6 (silver/black/blue)Style 7 (silver/blue/grey)Style 8 (silver/blue/green)Style 9 (silver/blue/red)Style 10 (silver/black/black)Style 11 (gold/black/white)Style 12 (silver/blue/white)
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